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        brand power

        Luoxiang, founded in 1985

        We always follow the operation outline of "quality orientation, pursuit of excellence". Emphasizing in the talent construction of various departments, Luoxiang has cultivated an excellent team of "high quality, dedication, unity, development, innovation and pragmatism" which is working together to develop "Luoxiang" into the well-known brand at home and abroad.

        Luoxiang Aluminum is a large-scale and comprehensive aluminum alloy profile manufacturer integrating development, design, manufacture and sales.

        • 30 years of innovation
          and accumulation
        • 20 national patented


        • Window & Door Series

          Doors and windows are the important parts of the building envelope system. LuoXiang Aluminum designs the products into enclosure members or partition members according to the position of the doors and windows, so that the products can adapt to the needs of different industrialization of the building. Five characteristics of the door and window series: low temperature resistance, noise resistance, high air tightness, high water density, and wind pressure resistance, giving users a high quality comfort experience.

        • Curtain Wall Series

          The curtain wall is a form of the perimeter wall of the building. The curtain wall is generally not loaded, and is the lightweight wall hanging at the outside of the main structure. The curtain wall is characterized by good decorative effect, light weight and fast installation. It is an ideal type of lightweight and assembled exterior wall, therefore, it is widely used in modern large and high-rise buildings.

        • Thermal Barrier Door & Window Series

          The outstanding advantages of heat-insulated broken bridge aluminum alloy doors and windows are high strength, good thermal insulation, good rigidity, good fire resistance, large lighting area, good atmospheric corrosion resistance, high comprehensive performance, long service life and good decorative effect. The high-grade broken bridge profiles aluminum alloy doors and windows are a better choice for high-end building windows.

        • Standard Aluminium Profiles

          With constant efforts in R&D, Luoxiang has developed the products covering a wider range and complete varieties, including building doors and windows, curtain walls, home furnishing, furniture and a full range of industrial profiles, with nearly 10,000 product categories and nearly 20 national patented products. With strong technical strength, Luoxiang is providing technical consulting and support services to customers, and providing professional advice and advice to customers, and is the reliable technical guarantee for customers.

        • All-alu furniture

          Full aluminum households break the traditional concept of making furniture with solid wood and artificial board. Luoxiang has introduced the advanced production equipment from abroad to make the materials have natural grain and texture of wood, and features rich colors, customized and diversified choices. Moreover, the products are free of formaldehyde and benzene, without toxin, radiation and pollution, and features recyclable and weather resistant, etc., green and eco-friendly, in addition. Compared with wooden furniture, full aluminum furniture also has the advantages of anti-mite, anti-ant, waterproof, flame retardant and short production cycle etc.

        • 門窗系列
        • 幕墻系列
        • 隔熱門窗系列
        • 通用型材系列
        • 全鋁家具
        VIEW MORE


        "Luoxiang" aluminum products, with the pursuit of quality and hard work, the product marketing network, in addition to covering most parts of China, has extended to Hong Kong and Macao, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, North America and Australia, to provide customers with considerate products sales and after-sales service. Currently, Luoxiang Aluminum has a variety of long-term strategic partners at home and abroad.

        HOT LINE

        Customer service


        No. 30, Jinben Gangkou Avenue, Xinan Street, Sanshui District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province

        WeChat QR code

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